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Ronald Woody

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A mind-bending tale of discovery in a strange world, where one girl will learn that finding family sometimes means saving it.

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Zoi has watched the Haze climb the mountain all her life. But when a village meeting leads to tragedy, she’s forced to seek help beyond the deadly mist where even the slightest cut means succumbing to The Crumble.


Niri knows the imperial war machine plans to attack her home city of Cloudpeak, determined to take what they want. She just has to prove it. Separated from her bodyguard, she braves the Haze in a desperate bid to escape imperial agents and warn the consul.


Rhen’s people have suffered harsh storms leaving their crops flooded and livestock drowned. He must lead his army south in search of food, but a rebellion back home leaves him torn between duty and family.


With the sound of war drums in the air, Zoi must find the source of her magic, before the land is covered in a tide of blood and Haze.


About Ronald Woody

Born and raised in the mountains of Appalachia, Ronald Woody has been a passionate storyteller all his life. Ronald is a dedicated dungeon master, cinema geek, and nature enthusiast who served in the United States Marine Corps during his more adventurous years. An alumnus of CSU San Marcos, he became a business consultant and accountant with a focus on small businesses and non-profits.

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